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Shetland pony foals

May is the month when Shetland pony foals are born. The warmer weather has begun and there is plenty new grass for them. For much of recorded history, Shetland ponies have lived outside all year, often in areas with little shelter from gale force winds. This is thought to have resulted in some of the best loved and most recognizable features of the breed such as their small size, warm woolly coat and abundance of mane and tail. They played an important role in Shetland's crofts and and were the main source of transport before Shetland' got an integrated road network.

Today, ponies are not usually used for draft work. They are most commonly a riding pony, show pony or a companion for larger horses. They still live outside all year in Shetland, and there are around 100 Shetland pony studs on the islands. They are a common site as you travel around Shetland and there are many in Burra, close to the Outdoor Centre.

We have accommodation in centre from £14pppn and facilities for camping and caravans.

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