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Things to do in Burra

The Bridge End Outdoor Centre is the perfect place to explore Shetland from. 

Our Caravan and Campsite is open all year round and there is always plenty to do here.

The following links should get you started but it's just a small selection of what's on offer...

Local Attractions


Burra Bears - The original Shetland Teddy Bear

Easterhouse Croft - Burra History Group centre

Gaada - Outdoor art exhibitions + art honesty box

Houlls Icelandic horses - Horse treks around Burra

Kiosk - Art Honesty Box

Minn and Meal beach - Stunning Burra beaches

Muckle Kirk - Honesty Box Rest Stop & Community Garden


Redhouss - Arts and crafts, inspired by Shetland

Sea Kayak Shetland - Explore Burra by Kayak


The Outpost - Petting Zoo

Trowie Knowe Crafts - Trow Fridge


Burra Hall - Pop-up Take Aways & Events

Fyanna - Bakery & Patisserie

Grunnasound Egg Box

Halcrow's Shop - Produce & Supplies

Hel's Kitchen
- Local Catering Company

Marina's Kitchen Cabinet - Cake Fridge

Toogs Egg Box


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