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Become a Friend of the Outdoor Centre

This charity is managed and run by a community of volunteers and each of us are a Friend of the Bridge End Outdoor Centre.

To keep the centre thriving in the future we need lots more folk to become members + friends of the charity.


All it costs is £5 !!!


In return for your friendship we promise to:

  • Add you to a special Facebook Group where you can stay up to date, meet other centre friends, and help us get organised!

  • Send you the occasional Friends Newsletter with ways to get involved at the centre, including developing exciting new community events in the future.

  • Invite you to the annual AGM and other special occasions!


and we promise not to:

  • Bother anyone who does not have time to help in person, just becoming a friend is a great help (and when you sign up, you can opt-out of hearing from us)!


Interested? Become a friend now

by clicking the right hand button!

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